Our Services

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Loan Portfolio Inspection

Trained inspectors will visit the project site, complete a property specific checklist

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Construction Budget & Cost Analytics

We provide experienced cost estimators and/or contractors

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Construction Progress Inspections

We provide trained professional inspectors who will visit the


Benefits of Our Services

  • LendersWe take care of the burdensome, negative interactions in the project, so that you can focus on what you do the best - building positive relationships and putting the money to work
  • Builders / ContractorsWe take the uncertainty away from availability of project funds, and manage paperwork needs - so that you can focus on what you do the best - building quality construction profitably
  • Project OwnersWe provide a legal safety net from non-project creditors, and take care of the funds flow and administrative needs so that you can focus on what you do the best - finding the next project

How It Works?

  • Lender submits job start form to CFC
  • CFC sends executed agreement and cost breakdown to Lender once the original is received
  • As project progresses, CFC sends requests for payment to Lender for funding
  • Lender requests CFC to send an inspector. Upon review of inspection report, Lender deposits funds into CFC’s escrow account
  • Lenders retain flexibility to send out a loan officer to the project, either in lieu of or in addition to CFC inspector
  • Contractor submits request to CFC CFC submits request to Lender and sends vouchers to contractor
  • Contractor obtains authorized signature on voucher and gives to payee as Lender prepares funding
  • Payee submits completed voucher to CFC for payment
  • Owner obtains loan from Construction Lender who uses CFC Fund Control
  • Owner/Lender submits job start form to CFC with cost breakdown
  • CFC sends out agreement for Owner and Contractor to sign
  • Owner and Contractor sign agreement and return to CFC to set up their job