Why Us?

Why Us?

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Our Approach

Trust, Speed and Accuracy - these are the three pillars that we have built our business on.

You can always rely on us to deliver what we committed to, quickly and correctly, each time, whether it is a payment to your sub, delivering lien releases or answering a question about funds documentation.

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Benefits to our clients
  • Focus on building positive relationships and putting money to work (as negative, burdensome interactions are eliminated)
  • Reduced administrative burden (as CFC takes care of appropriate documentation before release of funds)
  • Added safety and neutrality (bank reputation and employees are shielded from any oversight issues. Funds are fully protected with bond / insurance coverage)
  • Assurance that funds are used for intended project only (Funds not subject to non-project creditors)
  • Reduced costs as outsourced fund control costs can be passed on to borrowers as third-party line item (especially since CFC provides a significant benefit to borrowers / contractors as well)
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Our Reach

Currently we service most of the East Coast States, with the exception of Florida and Georgia.

Office Location States covered
Headquarters Newton, MA MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, VT
Mid-Atlantic Jersey City, NJ NY, PA, NJ, MD, DE
South-Central Raleigh, NC NC, SC, WV, VA
South Upcoming FL, GA, MS, AL